Website can be made using WordPress-Complete Analysis in 2019

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Websites that can be made using wordpress in 2019

A Complete Tour of WordPress

Hello to all Entrepreneurs out there!. In this article we are going to talk about the different sites that can be made using the most popular but yes also priceless free software (freeware) CRM one and only WordPress.

WordPress was firstly used to do make the blogging sites only and all was made on the php language. But Due to the wordpress flexibility, developers and designers across the globe have extended its usage and now almost every kind of website can be made using wordpress without any doubt.

P.S. – In this article we are going to talk about only the different type of websites that can be made with the use of wordpress.

Question that comes in mind to many people after hearing the word-“WordPress website”.

wordpress guide

The answer for this question is a Big Yes. Some really Big names are using WordPress for their website.

You Don`t believe me? Well you can check on your own.

TechCrunch. Variety, The Official Star Wars Blog, The New Yorker, BBC America, Bloomberg Professional, Quartz, Play Station Blog and many more are using wordpress till dated.


Now, once your doubts have been cleared and you have understood wordpress can be a superhero for your next web project we will discuss possible different sites that can be made using wordpress.



#1 Blog Site

blogging templates


Just as we have discussed earlier, wordpress started 15 years ago as a technology for making blogs. But as the Technology has improved wordpress has been evolved as the World`s No.1 Content Management system (better known as CMS), thanks to the Developers and Designers from all over the world.

You can either make your own blog by a free theme or you can purchase a premium theme. Nowadays, many multipurpose themes are available in the market by the help of which you make any kind of blog site you want. It may be a Tech Blog, Sport news portal or of a magazine style or of a newspaper.

#2 E-Commerce Sites by WordPress

woocommerce template

Yeah! That`s possible making an online store is not a complex anymore. Thanks to the developers and designers again. You can make any kind of ecommerce store it may be a fashion store, online courses or your services also.

There are many powerful Plugins which ease this complexity. Woocommerce is the widely used among them. Other plugins are easy digital Downloads, WpEcommerce. These all Plugins comes up with free and premium options available.

With these powerful plugins along with their extensions you can manage your inventory, orders, payments and taxes and handle shipping via single dashboard

Read this WordPress Website Tutorial –How to make a Woocommerce Store to setup your own store.

#3 Job Board Portals

make job portal online

With the ever Increase in Demand for professional Skills in industries, Jobs are increasing for different niches. So Job Agencies Comes into the role. Nowadays Even many blogging and news sites have started a special drive. They have started a special corner where one can post their job requirement (wanted to get a dream job) and recruiters (wants to hire) can contact them.

To make this functionality on your wordpress site, it has become very easy. With the help of free and paid plugins available on wordpress official site and online marketplaces such as themeforest one can easily search for it.

Or if you want to make an exclusive wordpress website for this, you can find wordpress premium templates and themes on websites like monster template and themeforest.

Website such as Pro blogger has this functionality enabled on their site.


#4 Coupon Sites

Coupon making site wordpress


Want to make a Coupon site offering discounts Coupon and offers of various site`s products and services on your own portal?

Now you can easily make it with the help of wordpress and earn affiliate commission from different sites. Allow users to review and vote for coupons. And you just have to operate from within your admin area.

#5 Affiliate Sites

make affiliate store

Affiliate website by wordpress

Refer your Visitors with unique products spread among different Online Stores and Websites all under your website and earn on every referral purchase. Earn Commission on every item that sell or earn on every click.

Almost every company has an affiliate programme running. Join them and give your visitors better options.


#6 Portfolio Website

portfolio website


Want to Show Case your work to attract more clients or just for the purpose of storing it somewhere?

Well with the help of wordpress you can easily make a portfolio business and make more clients.


To purchase premium Templates at an affordable price, click here


#7 Survey Website

do survey earn money

Make a Survey Website easily on WordPress and gain important insights from the customers. You can easily monetize it by sharing data to different companies.

#8 Business Website

business wordpress site corporate feeling

Make a website for your Business, Make Custom service sections, showcase your case studies and add other important business information.


#9 Agency/Freelancer Site

hir dm expert

Developers and Designers have made easy for wordpress users to make a prefect UI/UX ready template for your Agency Website and get hired by companies by showcasing your work on pages made exclusively for freelancers.


#10 Social Communities

social sites


You can make a community website and start interacting with other individuals. Use bb Press Plugin and extension to add more functionality.

I would strongly recommend using premium templates for it especially when you are a not-techie.


#11 A Review website

a review website

Make a review website for movies, tech products or for any niche. Be an Influencer and give your audience descriptive analysis.


#12 A Classified Website



Make a classified website with ease. WordPress professional Templates are available on different marketplace.

Make your website like olx and quikr with almost no tech expertise needed.



#13 Online Directory

directory site


Make your local niche online directory and monetize it. Make your own yelp like directory.

Buy no.1 selling directory Theme Listingpro @RS 240.


#14 Event/Hotel Booking Sites

Make site for Event/Hotel Infrastructure showcasing and adding functionality of ticket/room booking directly from the site.


#15 Landing Page

landing page

Landing Page is use for Lead Generation. With WordPress you do not need to make a landing page from scratch. Just use any page Builder like elementor or WP bakery page builder and make a UI/UX perfect landing page and generate leads.

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