How to setup a woocommerce store by scratch

woocmmerce setup

Make a Woocommerce Store By ZERO

Hey Budding Internet Entrepreneurs in this article we are going to talk about in detail on how to start with wordpress and woocommerce. We guarantee you by the end of this article you will be ready to make any sort of personalized woocommerce store either for yourself or working for your never ending client(s). Or you want to get your woocommerce store made by an expert or for any modifications contact us.

So to start with first with building your first website you need to purchase a domain name.



Purchase a Domain Name.

There are many options available in market to buy the domain name. Leading company is Go daddy. Domain comes with various extension i.e. .in, .com. org. But what I would suggest you is to go with a .com domain since it will also be helpful in your SEO (search Engine Optimization).


After Purchasing a domain name Now You need to buy a Server or You can also start building a local site on local servers like Wamp or Xampp. But in this article we will only talk about how to make a website directly live.


Buy a Server

Since we believe it is your first time to make a website  on wordpress we would like to inform you that there are many websites claiming that their offer servers are best and cheap in price . I would Not recommend you to go with any of those sites if you are really serious of building and maintain your website.

I personally have used services of over 10+ Server providers over the Internet but, I was hardly satisfied by only 2 or 3 providers. The most suitable server I found to make a woocommerce store is of Sitegorund. Sitegound is being recommended by the official website of wordpress also ( among the Best server providers for wordpress.

And they also give the Discount on the first Purchase. I would advise you to go with Grow Big Plan which will cost you around 7,000 (INR) in the first initial year. I have recently opted for this Plan for one of my client’s project.

P.S. – While Purchasing the Server Space. Make sure you have made the Registered Domain name same as you have Purchased in the First Step. Also, Check Spelling.


Okay, Now after Buying Both Domain Name and Server for your site. You can Update your Domain name Servers.

edit domain name server


Update the DNS

By Logging into the site where you have purchased the domain name, you can now go to my products and choose the domain you want to update the DNS for. After clicking on DNS. You may see that there is DNS default name servers.

change domain name server

Now Click on Change and Update the DNS.

P.S. – The DNS Information is generally provided by your server company to your registered mail id along with the confirmation of your order.

It’s all done now.

It will take some time  to propogate ,from 1hour to 48 hours to update the DNS since you have purchased the Domain Name and Server Space from different Companies.


Install WordPress

Once you have already updated the DNS it is time to Install WordPress in your server space. Login your server provider site and go to cpanel account. Almost all Server providers give you an option with shortcut button to login into your C-Panel. Now once you have successfully login to your C-Panel. Find Softaculous. Under Softaculous you can find the option for wordpress Installation. Then you can choose Username Email id and password for your wordpress website.

P.S. – When you will install the wordpress in Softaculous, automatically the database is being created and you can see it by the prefix db along with some number. Also you can enable few options like auto – Update the plugins and wordpress version. You can enable or disable as per your need.

IMPORTANT- In wordpress Installation you can see in the first few options by the name wordpress installations already filled as wp, Remove it and make it a complete blank.

Choose https if you have SSL certificate available with your Server .Nowadays most of the server providers also provide with you a auto SSL certificate along with your purchase.


Now when you have completed the step-3, you can see your website by typing the URL of your site.

install wordpress

You can see that wordpress has been installed successfully. It can be twenty eighteen or even nineteen as your default theme.


You are ready to move further.


Login to Your Dashboard

You can now access your website admin panel by typing the URL

After logging in you can see a dashboard

wordpress dashboard

If you can see the same dashboard then many congratulations, you have successfully completed half 10% of your journey to become a wordpress expert.

Now once you have successfully entered into your admin panel dashboard, Your Journey of Setting up a woocommerce Store Begins.

Before proceeding further you need to know certain things in advance.

  • Woocommerce is a wordpress plugin used to enable the functionality of an E-Commerce Store in the WordPress Itself. And almost 40% of the Total E-Commerce Sites in the World are made up by using Woocommerce Plugin.

  • Woocommerce is a free Plugin with many free and Paid Extensions Available.

  • Woocommerce Plugin is compatible with almost every Theme (accept ions are there with the premium wordpress Theme) which means you can use it with any theme you want.

But here we will set up the woocommerce Store with a Theme which is made especially for woocommerce compatibility.

Now I Know When you have read it till here patiently most of you would have become impatient as you have started searching for wordpress themes free, woocommerce themes free, woocommerce premium themes for free to download etc..


Alright, Jokes apart let us further proceed.


STEP-6 – There are two alternatives

Number 1-

You may Directly install woocommerce Plugin by going to the Plugin Section from dashboard

, then clicking Add New and Type “Woocommerce”.

You could find the Woocommerce Plugin.

install woocommerce

Alright, Click on Install and then Activate It.

Afterwards you could Find an option in dashboard one as Woocommerce and below it as products.

When you will click on product you could find a sub-option as Add New


P.S. – By opting the alternative 1 your store could lack of Designs and usability and might not be user friendly also.

Alright let us move to Second Alternative.


You can purchase the wordpress premium Theme which is woocommerce Compatible.

Or I can say which is made especially to make an online wordpress store.

Here I would advise you to Use Up store Theme which is Really Flexible and can be used for multipurpose selling also. Now The Great Part is The Real Costing of Up-store theme will cost you near around 4200 if you will purchase from its original author but Here at Pixel Experio you can find the same theme will cost you Just Rs240 (Click Here to Purchase).

Alright after getting the installable wordpress file in the zip format. Now Move to your site Dashboard you can see Appearance > Themes. Click on it and there in The Top You can see the Option of Uploading the Theme. Upload Your File There.

You can see now the various notifications showing to install plugins essential to make the theme work properly.

install theme

Install all of them and Then Activate each of them.

Alright All Set Now You are Ready to go further and make the first product live.


Create a New Product

While Creating the New Product.

Go to products > Add New

Then give e it a Title.

Add few lines in description column and add Tag and Brand Name options available in the right side area of the screen.

Now If your Option is a simple product i.e. Only have single type then select simple in product type and then add regular and sale price. Add Variation option available in left hand side blue color.

Or if your Product has some variable options Available then you can select the product type as variable and add details one by one in each option that you have made. i.e. fill prices, details and images  separately for each variable of the product.

For Digital Product

that is downloadable need to enable Download Option available with the product type and add files which you need to sell on woocommerce Store.


Once you know the objective before hand , it will not be a big problem, because each store made on woocommerce the purpose is different whether you want to sell clothes or sell electronic items or  any other thing that can think of.

Now once you have understood how to add new products and edit the existing one. Go to woocommerce > Settings and chooses the payment method available and you can also add new payment methods such as Different payment gateways like Instamojo, PayPal, Payumoney or Razorpay.

You need to choose which payment gateways you want to choose to receive payment .

The things which you need to consider before choosing a payment gateway are

  • Their Charges on receiving payments.

  •  Settlement Periods Generally Companies follow “T+2 Days”.

  • Their Reputation in the market.


Now when you have fulfilled all the requirements for payment gateway (s) to start collecting the payments on your store. you can start inserting the payment gateway in your site .

Follow these steps to insert the payment gateway to enable on your site.

Step-1- Download the official plugin of the payment gateway you can find that on their site only.

Step-2- Install and active the file in the same manner we have instructed for any normal plugin.

Step-3- Now once you have successfully activated the Plugin You can see the Option under woocommerce>settings>payments by the name of the same plugin. Enable it and fill up all the details such as merchant id API credentials.

P.S. – There are different options for different Plugins to be filled while setting up the payment gateways.


Now you are done and in the next article we will talk about the essential plugins for  a woocommerce site.


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