Offline Marketing Strategy which led to a huge win for BJP

Offline Strategy and the Hierarchy segment led to a Victory

Bharatiya janata party (BJP) has a massive vote share of about 37% in the 2019 General Elections. And in This article we are going to talk about that very Particular Offline Marketing Strategy that led to this huge win.

There is no doubt that there are so many reasons behind BJP`s Victory. Apart from their leader`s Goodwill , Strong PR Team and the one of the best Digitalized strategy of  BJP might not get such a huge winning ratio if they would not have connected with the voters right at the ground level. In True Marketing sense we would call it as “Direct Marketing” and the Push Marketing Factor association with it. The Persuasion Technique of BJP immensely has a valid idea to proof that in the largest democracy of the world you cannot really be a winner if you have not communicated well with the people at the ground level.

Now we will talk about how the BJP strategized and Plan out this Idea.

BJP has always given the top most Priority in strengthening out their Booths (mera booth sabse Mazboot).

Offline Stragey Hierachy of BJP

The Structure that BJP eventually carried out after previous general elections really give a wonderful insight how a Big Organization actually works.

At Booth Level, Party Workers are appointed which make a 20 people committee on an average and designated each member as “Panna Prabhari”. The role of Panna Prabhari was to reach out to the assigned 50 voters on an average in their own region to help them to get their voter ID Cards and persuade them to vote for BJP by telling them the reasons why should they vote to BJP. In marketing sense we can say this as USP (Unique Selling Proposition) or RTB (Reasons to Buy).

The Immediate Boss of Panna Prabhari is Sector Prabhari. A Sector comprises of 10-15 Booths in a Constituency.

The Immediate Boss of Sector Prabhari is Mandal Prabhari and a Mandal Consists of 10-15 Sectors in a Constituency.

So there are 2-4 Mandal Prabhari in every Constituency in total. And after that State and then Central representatives are there.

The interesting fact is All the Panna Prabhari are the locals of the same booth and constituency where they have been appointed so it gives a sense of “sense-of- Belongingness” to the Voters and  Panna Prabhari too.  So it increases a chance of better communication.


What is the motivation for Panna Prabhari`s?

The actual motivation for them can be, the Top Level Personnel directly communicating with them via Video Call or through Various Offline Programmes, meetings and summits.

The Other Motivational Instrument Can is the Chances of Promotion on the higher rank. Perfect Example of this: Amit Shah, Sushil Modi and Nitin Gadkari who are now the Key Personals in BJP at the Top Level.


Sum Up

The Marketing and Business lessons learned from this BJP Strategy is always go for more one channel of marketing and PR especially when your target audience is huge. Direct and Doo-to-Door Marketing and Selling still can be really effective in this digital era.

“Team makes the dream work “.  ‘Persons’ which are the component of Marketing Mix is a key role to play in an organization.  The right one can make you at the victory side and the wrong one can be an opposing instrument for your organization. So think twice before hiring your team.

Give your Employees a Better Chance for the Promotion.


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