Make online Brand in 2019

How to make your online brand in 2019: marketing strategies to make your online brand

Hey Entrepreneurs, In This article we are going to talk about how you can create an online brand with the various branding strategies such as social media marketing, search engine optimization , great visuals , perfect info graphics and more techniques and online branding strategies that will help your online brand to grow.

Before we proceed, I want to make a point. All the strategies and brand building techniques revolves around those 7p`s of marketing whether you have an offline or an online brand. All 7p`s of marketing are interdependent, Your One step and One Decision can decide whether your Online brand will grow or you will lose your customer or your Valuable resources . So Be Very careful while making a perfect strategy for you online brand.

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Make a Team of Professionals

If you seriously want to create your brand online then you need to take help from other people as well. I know many people who says we know all aspects of digital marketing and we are good graphic  and web designers as well, so we can do online brand management  and  make a online brand. But I always tell one thing, You may Know all Things that`s absolutely fine but how many have you puts your hand dirty in all the things? How much have you experienced and try all the aspects? Then what I will get is absolutely silence.

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Hire Your Own personal army


So To not make you feel disappointed in the future, appoint few professionals. Try to appoint on these basis. Make a Team of people with different expertise such as Google ad words, SEO; Content writing, Social Media Strategist, Graphic Designer, Web Designer and Developer.

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Develop a Beautiful Website and Yes Maintain it.

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In order to create an online brand, The First Step is to make Some Landing Pages, Websites or Web Apps where customer is going to get complete details about your business. Making a perfect site requires clean coding UI/UX perfect, good Hosting Space and most Importantly Good Content.

You may use WordPress and other similar Softwares if you want to make a site yourself and later you can customize some coding on theme by hiring some developer as per your need any times

Many Business Owners I Have talked to thinks it is not a good idea to spent more than 8-10K on a website including server ,designing and all costs but they want to be the next business unicorn like Flipkart or Make My trip.

Allocate Your Budget Differently for developing and maintaining your business site because your website speaks for your business.

Refer to articles of how to make a woocommerce store , Websites by wordpress. This may help you.


Logo Designing

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Your Logo is the first point of contact between your business and to your customers. Logo makes you stands out from your competitors. Good Logo consists of Perfect Color combination, Visible from a distance, communication some of yours business ideas with your customers.

You can hire Graphic Designer or if you want to make it on your own you may use Adobe In design or Photoshop to make a online. If you don`t Know How to use it, Then go with some free alternatives available online. And Surely Canva is one of the biggest and most used Online branding Tools in the history of Online Marketing. It has pre-built many Templates and ready sizes and designs for all your marketing need such as Book cover, Social Media Posts, blog banner and many more.

Make a Logo There and make it background transparent with tools available online or you may use adobe Photoshop for the same.


Visual and Info-Graphics

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Design some good graphics for your website, social media posts. Good designing will always keep you on upper hand in the eyes of your customers. Great visuals will definitely lead to more customer acquisition at much lesser price keeping other factors constant.  Good Graphics will help in online brand marketing and will gain good online branding results.

Customers are always looking for some information about your previous works and will keep a hawk`s eye about the progress that you have make in some recent days. So in order to present those data you still need some good info-graphics to be made. Info-graphics will be used in making a case study , presentation , releasing press release , newsletter.

If you think it is not your cup of tea, then hire a good designer.




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“Content is the King” I Think most of you are familiar with it; But I Would Say Content is everything. Without Content even the biggest marketing campaigns can be failed. Content has a lot of importance in marketing. So make sure you have enough quality content which is ready to fetch you with more quality leads at no extra cost. Content is the most important in getting online branding results.

The quality of Content can be measured in terms of the value it is communicating to the readers. From the perspective of online marketing, Content should be SEO friendly, Fresh Content i.e. free from any pilgrim, should be related to your business.

Copywriting can be different for each step in marketing and sales funnel. So we are going to talk about each of them one by one.

Content for Website

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No matter how good a website is but if it lacks content or rather good quality content it is of no use. Content should be fresh, should be able to communicate the ideas and values of the business to the readers. A website should have a different section for blogs where some write-ups can be publish communicating some valuable information to the potential readers and they may become your customer at no extra cost.

For Example- If you have a real Estate Website, You Should have write-ups related to different housing ideas, interior hacks, best material used to make a house , etc and etc . There are more Chances that your potential customers are searching for the similar topic and they may convert as a lead for you at again at no extra cost.

Content Should be SEO friendly, that means it should have keywords in it , meta title and description is there, internal linking is done , etc and etc. we will talk about SEO in-depth in our next article.


Content for Social Media

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Strategy for developing content for Social Media marketing is very different from the content development for any website. While Developing Content for Social Media Make Sure of one Thing, use more of Visual Graphics for the Content rather than the simple plain text. Engage your Audience with offers , helpful links, shout outs, Using appropriate hash tags, making interested stories for instagram and facebook, going live and addressing all the queries of your viewers.



Content for Online Advertisement

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Use cheeky and Attractive Headlines for your ad campaigns. Make sure important points are highlighted. Again Use less Content in the Visual Graphics. Use Words like offer, free, discount, hurry, grab which will attract your targeted audience and will make your ad campaign a success.

Content for E-mails

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Use Attractive Titles in Your Email Campaign which will tempt the audience to open the mail by looking into their mobile notifications. Make Sure you have done interlinking correctly. Content is less in the email but it is supported by call to action button and more hyperlinks in the text itself.


Local citation for your business

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Do list your business on local directory and also register yourself as business on search engines like Google my business, Bing places and yahoo local, it will increase your authenticity among the audience and reach also.

Do not forget to update the details regularly about new products, offers, office locations, business timing etc. Add Posts and add as much details possible, it will help your business from SEO perspective also. Add Real Images of your office, team and events it look more authentic. Do Local Keyword Research

Local citation helps in getting good online brand results. So take it seriously and make it a part of your online brand marketing.


Local Online Community

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Make the best use of social media platforms such as facebook, whatsapp. Join already existing groups and communities on social media related to your business. Promote your Business. Do like & Comment on Other Posts and ask them to do the same for your posts.

You can also make a group exclusively for your products and service and invite your friends to join the group. Also send the invite link to other groups of the same niche. Listen to people questions and reply them back as soon as possible as it will also increase authenticity.

Circulate your product images on whatsapp along with the details, I guarantee you it will fetch some conversions in some time.



social media marketing

Make a Strong Presence on Social Media by regularly posting some valuable information to your brand Page which has some relation with your business or it may have some relevance to some urgent matter in the society. Use good graphics. Do Story telling about different narratives. Make Sure your Organic reach is improving every week.

Make campaign to promote some posts of your business or and make sure you have one adset for promoting the likes of your page; It may help you in the long run.

Reply as fast as possible to the messages you get on your business profile as it will also improve your all response time on social media.

Make sure your clients and customers have rated and recommend your page. It will help others to make a choice as well.


Make People Feel it real

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Try to make your Online branding strategy and technique more real. Add some testimonials of your clients. Develop some case study and portfolio of your previous projects. Do not forget to get accompany account as people will have more trust while transferring the amount.

Try to add more real images of your workplace, team Members. If Possible, give customer an option for easy installments.

The more real you will make people feel, more chances are there for you to sell your service/product.


Engage your audience

Engage your audience with offers, discounts, valuable content, and free gifts and shout outs, warm greetings. The purpose is to make them remind of your business.

Create a Value

Communicate some Value from your marketing, products and overall brand.


Contact Other Business in Same Niche

Get in touch with your Competitor. Have Some Healthy discussion. Also have a give and take relationship of idea and resources. It will lead to have a healthy competition.

Analyze your performance

Measure your performance and analyze your points where you need to perform. It will help to improve your overall business growth and also helps in making online branding techniques.

This can be done by various metrics such as Google analytics, Google Data Studio.

Explore Other Platforms

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Internet is fragile and very dynamic in nature. Everyday new technology and sites are coming up with very different ways of doing online brand promotion. We cannot explore everything but surely we can explore few of them which have potential.

Question and Answer Site “Quora” is surely one of them. You can invest some money into it to run some campaign. And I personally have tried it four times and have found results are quite satisfactory.



Hawk eye on the Competitor

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Be a Watchdog of your competitor’s activity. It will help you in online brand management.


Create Short Video / Promo Videos

There are many softwares which you can use to make some interesting, eye-catching videos which will surely retain your customer.

Biteable is one of them but comes with a watermark in free version. Some adobe software like premiere pro and after effects is used for professional video editing.

These videos are mainly found on YouTube ads. If you want to admire any company for such type of campaign, In my opinion Swiggy and Zomato will top the list


Invest Smartly

You should Invest Smartly your resources among services discussed above. Online Branding management should be there otherwise you are going to be in losses.


So plan accordingly. Manage your resources, have some patience and see the magic happening.



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